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I’ve had 7 vehicles serviced by Art et al starting in 1992. This has been everything from a Plymouth Sundance to a Honda S2000 to a Subaru boxer 6 Legacy to a couple of minivans. The two words that best describe Art are honest and competent. He will make you want to hold onto your vehicles longer. He will not do work on a vehicle unless it needs to be done, and I will sometimes encourage him to do a few extras parts replacements that he might not normally do (to save me money). He doesn’t just throw old parts away and order brand new ones. Art once repaired a factory-defective A/C compressor that Chrysler kept replacing with another defective one. He rebuilt an S2000 engine that my son almost destroyed by over-revving after an improper downshift, and did so with updated valves. He’s made custom modifications for me when requested so I could keep a car running until it was time to call The Kidney Foundation. I *never* take my cars to the dealer any more – even and especially when it is under warranty. We have horror stories on that which Art fortunately helped me circumvent. I recommend Art’s Automotive without reservation.
William Glasheen 


Great guys, fair pricing.
Tracilyn Babington


 “The customer service was spectacular. They were informative as to what my vw needed and explained step by step what they were doing and the cost. They saved me at least 500 on repairs and allowed me to keep the car on their lot for 5 days until I could pick it up. Great service, great pricing, why wouldn’t you take your automobile here???”
A Google User
I have been dealing with Art & Art’s Automotive for 17 years. First of all, 5 stars across the board, honesty & knowledge are EXCELLENT, you will not find better. I saw one bad review on here, and I can say with confidence it was likely the customer that was the problem, not this shop. Every aspect of this shop is closely overseen by its owner, who is a very knowledgeable christian man. Without going in to too much deal about every time he has saved me, I have countless stories about his knowledge and competence far exceeding the market standard, and I consider him the automotive bible. He has saved me countless thousands of dollars over the years. Dealers (worst place to take your car in my opninion) do not care, they fix things that may not need to be fixed, they hire young guys with no experience, they charge rediculous prices, etc. Art’s Automotive takes the time to figure out what is wrong before they start replacing parts. Art has fixed every type of car I have ever owned, which are many, and he has even fixed my RV. I trust nobody but Art with anything I own. My parents and family use him, my neighbors use him, and I have referred many people to him over all these years….always with positive feedback and compliments to dealing with him. It is nice to have someone you trust. I am thankful to know him.
Kevin Blake


“I took a Toyota Camry to Haley Toyota to have a check engine light diagnosed. I was told that the transmission needed to be replaced at a cost of $5500. I have dealt with Art’s in the past with very good results so I took the car there. The owner diagnosed the problem as a couple of electronic shift solenoids in the transmission that needed to be replaced at a cost of $350, parts & labor. I gave them the green light and they repaired the car while I waited in their customer lounge. 15K miles later the transmission is working fine. I have had them work on several cars and trucks in the past, and every time was a good experience. They enjoy a very good reputation which is well earned.”

Jonathan Jennings
This is hands down the best automotive shop in Richmond Virginia. They are family owned and operated. They were very professional. They take great pride in making sure all your issues with your vehicle will be fixed in a timely manner. When I arrived there I was greeted at the door by the owner Art. I was really happy when I got the bill. This will always be the place if i have any issues with one of my cars. I have served 20 years in the United States Navy and I invite all military members active and retired to visit Art’s when they have any issues with your vehicle.They will take care of you. You will not regret it.
Cleveland Ford


I had got a 2000 Toyota Avalon XL a week before, she has done more than 173k miles, but runs like a dream. Since I got it from Indianapolis to Richmond, the rules were different, in IN there is only one Registration plate at the rear bumper, but in VA you got to have on both ends, so I went to FIRESTONE in W Broad St Richmond VA to fix the front Reg, Plate, they charged me like hell just to drill 2 holes on the front bumper and fix the plate, I thought it was far too costly affair. Then I came to know about Art’s Automotive Service center through AAA’s website (I have a basic membership in AAA) I went there for Oil Change/VA Vehicle inspection and Driver side Headlight bulb replacement, I was surprises to see the bill, it was just $80.00 including all Labor and Spare parts. I am impressed 🙂 they have Wireless connectivity, so that we can sit in their lounge and work, so that you do not miss your appointments. 🙂 I’d really recommend Art’s to everyone! Thumps UP!! UPDATE : after almost 4 years – my car is at 201500miles now , got new tires and battery, not many maintenance issues, still Art’s is the guy who looks after her 🙂
Sreeraj Kalappurakkal


I recently moved to Richmond, and went to Art’s for a brake job and a tag inspection. They were fast, friendly, and professional. When I returned to get my car, Art’s wife came out to ask if I was the guy that recently moved to Richmond and introduced herself. She also thanked me for my business. I needed one more minor job for my tag inspection. I came back the next week and Art allowed me to come during my lunch break. He stopped all he was doing to get me in and out in less than a hour. Great mechanic!
James McKamey, Jr.


My experience at Art’s Automotive was very pleasent . The woman at the front desk greated me with a friendly smile and offered me a cup of coffee.She was busy on the phone but asured me she would be with me soom. She was very prompt in taking care of my auto needs and my van was quickly taken into the shop. The waiting room was very clean and comfortable. With a large t.v. and reading material avaliable The rest rooms were also tidy and well stocked. I also found out they have an area where you can walk your dog. A pet friendly garage ! ,Finding out the woman behind the counter also brings her crocker spaniel to work often.I have 3 goldens so I found that to be a nice bonus., The garage is a family owned business with wife ,son and husband( Art) working with a very knowledgable staff of mechanics. I am a single parent with an autistic son and my life is very busy, so I really appreicated the short wait time and the quality of the work done .I was very pleased that they explained the work needed with care. Not trying to add on parts or talking down to me because I am a woman. I would not hesitate to refer them to a friend or family member. Also I am happy to have found a garage I can trust. After all was said and done, I was able to buy new tires with the money I saved by going to Art’s Automotive .
Teresa McGee


“Polite responsive customer service, quick service and fair price. What more could I ask for?”

Ed Kavanaugh 
John did the best job on replacing my AC controller. It was faster than estimated and was a clean and perfect job. Will sure continue to have Arts Service for the future….
Siddarth Yagnam Konuganti


I am very picky about where I go and I have had beyond excellent experience with this shop. The first time I went to them I had a crank sensor that broke off and was wedged in between the block and the crank timing gear (never let your girlfriend help you fix important parts like this). I brought it to them because of a friends review. I figured the only way to get the piece was to drop the oil pan and grab it. Because my truck is a 4×4, getting out the oil pan also meant removing much of the front suspension. Long story short I planned for over $1000 repair. I spoke to the shop and they agreed that doping the oil pan might be the only option and he quoted me at around $1000. Later that day he called me with a $300 bill saying it was fixed. They were able the little by little pick at the sensor and pull it back out. He could have charged me the $1000 he quoted me but they didn’t. The second time I went in was for inspection and I already knew my front hub was shot and needed to be replaced. They ordered the part and when it came in it had helicoils in the threads. He said he didn’t want to use it and would rather search for a spindle with original threads. I agreed. They could have put in the spindle with the helicoils (like most shops) and I would have never known, but they took the time to do it rite. I just had my inspection done there the other day and everything was fine. My truck is 12 years old so I expected something to be wrong, but to my surprise it was fine. Again they could have said something was wrong (like most shops) and charged me for parts I don’t need, but they didn’t. I highly suggest you go here. The only thing you have to loose is an unnecessary repair the other shop was going to charge you.
Jason Ciaschi


This place is great! They provide excellent affordable service and I would definitely recommend them. They don’t offer services that you don’t need and they are very trustworthy. We have been a few times and the service was always great and very affordable.
A Google User


Fantastic place! Always courteous! My husband and I have been bringing our cars here since we moved from Ohio in 2006! They have always explained what our cars needed to have done and why.
Krista Betteridge


We were on our way home to Rochester, NY from the Outer Banks of NC, when my father-in-laws car blew a ball joint. Fortuantely, it happened as we were turning into a gas station just around the corner from Arts. Imagine our concern being (Yankees) so far away from home with a major problem like that… Needless to say we thought we were going to have to pay through the nose. Not only did Art take care of us but he did it for less than we would have paid at home! Furthermore, his service was exceptional & fast. We were most impressed with the cleanliness of his shop too. You could eat off the floors and the waiting room was spotless. We were back on the road w/in 2 hours. But not before he dropped us off at the restaurant for breakfast. If you are looking for GREAT SERVICE at a fair price, go to Arts!
A Google User


The crew at Art’s Automotive will make you feel like family. I will never take my car anywhere else for service. Art is more than fair and always provides me with an explanation of the problem and what it is going to cost before any repairs are made. The shop is super clean from top to bottom. If you are reading this review because your car needs serviced, you will not be disappointed. My car broke down on the way to work this morning, I showed up at their shop with no appointment, they took my car in and repaired it while I waited. A+ for Art’s Automotive!!! Thanks so much for your help!
Danny Deis
You normally do not hear the words ‘Honest’ and ‘Mechanic’ in the same breath, but Art and his crew are a wonderful exception. Excellent work, fair rates, and you never get the ‘oh I forgot to mention . . . .and it will be another $200 . . . .’ He’s HONEST as the day is long – he has my business for all of our family cars as long as I can drive !!
Phat Guitars


For over 15 years, I’ve been a customer at Art’s and they by far, are the most reliable, trustworthy & knowledgeable shop I’ve dealt with in town. Spot-on diagnosis they provide has saved me hundreds of dollars that would have been wasted with the runaround you get from most dealers. Having had five vehicles serviced there, two of which have made it well beyond 400K, Art’s is absolutely the best place to get straight answers & excellent service for your hard-earned dollar.
Jack Willhite